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Overdraft Protection

You never know when the unexpected may happen. It's happened to all of us: A small budget miscalculation or oversight that resulted in an unexpected shortage of funds in your checking account.  

For these reasons and more, Union Bank of Sparta offers you the peace-of-mind of overdraft protection as a feature of your bank account. Think of it as protection against the embarrassment of having your checks or authorized payments returned or a point-of-sale transaction declined.

  • If an overdraft should occur in your checking account funds will be automatically withdrawn from your savings account in increments of $50.00 and deposited in your checking account. 
  • A withdrawal from your savings account due to an overdraft will be counted as one of your six allowable withdrawals per month. 
  • The savings account must have sufficient funds available to cover an overdraft withdrawal.
  • There will be a $1.00 charge from the checking account per transfer transaction. 

To enroll in Overdraft Protection, please complete the form and return to the New Accounts department at Union Bank of Sparta.