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Switch Kit

When you use the Union Bank of Sparta simple switch kit, changing banks has never been so easy! Use the checklist below to help track your progress. Simply mark off each item as you complete it to be sure you don’t forget anything.

Step 1: Open your new accounts at Union Bank of Sparta.

Step 2: Leave enough money in your “old” account to cover any outstanding items.

Step 3: List the Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments that need to be changed from "old" to "new" account using the Conversion Checklist.

Step 4: Send written notice to all companies that directly deposit to your “old” account using the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

  • Employer deposits
  • Government deposits
  • Child Support
  • Court ordered deposits
  • Brokerage deposits
  • Social Security

Step 5: Send written notice to all companies that process automatic payments to your “old” account using the Auto Payment Change Request Form.

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Vehicle Payments
  • Insurance
  • TV
  • Phone/Internet
  • Credit cards
  • Utilities
  • Club Dues
  • Other

Step 6: Confirm all direct deposits and automatic payments have been changed to your “new” account at Union Bank of Sparta.

Step 7: Send written notice to your “old” financial institution requesting to close your account using the Account Closing Request.

Remember that Union Bank of Sparta’s deposit administrators are always more than willing to help you. Feel free to contact us any time so we may be of assistance!